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Breakup Recovery Podcast

I listened to this podcast nonstop the first week. There are a lot of helpful interviews with people who have been through heartbreak.

6months of heartbreak documented

This was raw and vulnerable, and it helped me understand the process a person goes through. So that I feel less alone in what I’m going through.

How to Get Over The End of a Relationship | Antonio Pascual-Leone | TEDxUniversityofWindsor

Relatable and helpful breakup learnings from a therapist.

heartbreak, one year later.

This video made me hopeful that I can find someone else when the time is right. I also liked how she talked about her recovery with raw vulnerability. I feel a lot of similar emotions.

Getting Through A Breakup: What I've Learned

This was a helpful video for practical advice on how to handle a breakup, and it was reassuring because he did everything “wrong” and was still OK.

Tara Brach “Grief” videos

Tara Brach’s “Grief” section has been a wonderful help during my heartbreak. Sometimes, I’ll put on a video or talk in the background and let it naturally sink in. Other times, I’ll actively watch or listen part of a talk in the morning or before bed.

how i'm dealing with heartbreak *breakups suck*

This woman is young (relationship was high school/college), but lots of shared emotions and thoughts I found reassuring regardless of age. And helpful advice.

breakup BOOST #184

Another podcast episode. This episode was helpful for me to understand the importance of no contact. The other episodes didn’t resonate with as much, but this episode was helpful.

Bo Burnham - "Inside"

I've been listening and watching a lot of Bo Burnham's recent material. His Netflix special "Inside" has resonated with me — the songs and general theme — as I feel depression, hopelessness, and nihilism from my breakup. You can also listen to the songs on Spotify if you don't have Netflix.

(500) Days of Summer

This is a really impactful breakup movie. There were so many similarities with my breakup, and others in the past like it, that it flooded me with emotions and opened me wide. I cried a lot and woke up the next morning with many emotions still lingering which needed to be felt. So many quotable, powerful scenes... and so well-acted. It hurt to watch this, but a necessary hurt.

Terri Cole (fka Boundary Boss)

I found a lot of the self-help out there completely misinformed at best, harmful at worst. It's disappointing so many people trying to get help can't find good material. So when I found Terri Cole talking about actual, evidence-backed help... I was impressed. It's a great podcast about boundary-setting.

Grief Feels Like You're Losing Your Mind

This was a great Depresh Mode podcast episode. It was more about the grief of death, but the guest was very vulnerable, intelligent, and made a lot of great points about grief.

dealing with heartbreak 💔 how i healed from the end of a 10 year relationship

I was really surprised by how much I liked this video. She has excellent resources and insights. She also has a really helpful Notion website with tons of great quotes, resources, and guides.

Dealing With Heartbreak/Breakup Tips !

Lots of great tips in this video. One that stuck out to me: Forgive yourself. I felt a lot of shame and sadness blaming myself for not loving well enough and the mistakes I made. I felt if I could "be better", I could have saved both of my recent breakups.


I really liked the paper analogy that the creator of this video made. It was helpful to visualize why there's pain after a breakup. There were good other insights in this video too.

Can We Not Let Our Breakups Break Us | Tasha Jackson | TEDxCSULB

Some helpful re-framings of a breakup from a psychotherapist. I liked how she mentioned that breakups don't have to be viewed as "failures", but instead, as "complete".

Breakup Bootcamp: Rewiring Your Heart with Amy Chan - Ep 82 - Dear Shandy

I was lucky to stumble across Amy Chan first on Verywell Mind, and her viewpoint on breakups is refreshing — and eye-opening. She has a great website, and her book seems fantastic as well. I recommend you gobble up as many of her podcast appearances as you can.

Letting Go Meditation

Another resource by Amy Chan (mentioned above). This is a great, helpful meditation to release some attachments to an ex. I like that she mentioned you may have to repeat the meditation many times. Healing is a practice, not a one-and-done.

How I Rewired My Brain To Attract Guys That Were Good For Me

This article is great for men or women. It's important to understand how to rewire our heart for healthier relationships. I've been learning my patterns with my past relationships — and how they've been wound responses instead of from a healthier space.

Courting a Woman? Follow These Important Steps

I haven't found as much quality content for men dealing with breakups as I have for women. And while any content around breakups can be helpful regardless of sex and gender, it's nice to see a quality article written specifically for men.

Top 10 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup – Advice From 2,000 Adults Finds Much Agreement

Here's a simple list, and a good reminder, of healthy habits to form to hang in there during a breakup.

The best movies to watch after a breakup

This is a helpful article from Polygon about which movies to watch after you have a breakup. Many of them are for different stages.